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BookaBus Pte Ltd is a private bus charter and service management company collaborating with domestic bus providers via our website, a one-stop, real time booking medium that provides a quick and convenient process for our customers to secure their bus transportation needs. Collectively, we have at our disposal a pool of bus providers committing a sizeable fleet amounting to approximately 80 buses of various capacities ranging from 11 seaters to 63 seaters that are available to meet our customer’s diverse requirements.

Competitive Pricing

Apart from providing a hassle free and timely process of acquiring a bus service, BookaBus strives to present our customers with the most competitive quotes from the pool of collaborating providers ensuring that our customers are given a variety of fair options, and ultimately, ensuring that the choice always remains with the customer.

Customer Oriented

BookaBus places heavy emphasis on customer satisfaction. At BookaBus, we believe that merely completing the job does not constitute to a ‘job well done’, we measure our success with that of our customers, therefore, every customer is seen as unique and we contrive to tailor our services to their respective needs. Our booking process is designed to help identify and accept our customer’s input on their requirements allowing for specific instructions. The system also provides periodic updates ensuring that the customer is kept informed at all times giving them an ease of mind.

Customer Relationship

In line with the aforementioned beliefs of BookaBus, we seek to establish an enduring relationship with our customers providing a desirable and enjoyable relationship with each transaction. As such, in addition to tailoring the specific needs of our customers we deeply value the feedback and opinions of our customers to facilitate our continuous customer oriented business approach. Our friendly and resourceful Sales and Customer Support team are constantly ready to address any issues and enhance our relationship with our valued customers.

Common Bus Charter Services

Includes but not limited to;

  • Airport transfers
  • Shuttle bus services
  • Corporate/delegate bus charter
  • Employee transportation
  • Organizational field trips
  • Customize travel itinerary
  • Private bus hire



Type of services

Trip based enquire bus charter

  • Good for single use routes or trips
  • Ad-hoc trips
  • One-time charge
  • Suitable for organizational outings

Time based enquire disposal bus services

  • Minimum 3 hours
  • Multiple destinations
  • Charges based on service duration (per hourly)
  • Peak/off peak charges apply

Term based enquire long term bus hire

  • Suitable for routine itinerary
  • Fixed routes/destinations/dates/times
  • Contractual charges
  • Assigned equipment for route
  • Dedicated driver (if necessary)

Level of service


  • Most popular choice
  • Competitive market rates
  • Useful for one time/Ad-hoc trips
  • Presentable buses
  • Ideal for all occasions (i.e. family social trips, business outings… )
  • Suitable for outdoor recreational organizations


  • Customize service according to the nature of customers’ travel agenda and requests
  • Initiate /oversee planning of trip for entire event on behalf of customer
  • Provide selection of equipment (i.e. reserve larger capacity or newer buses)
  • Professional drivers/pre-assigned routes/status notifications
  • Suitable for itinerary based travel (i.e. overseas/corporate guests)
  • 24/7 support