In light of the current situation surrounding 2019-nCoV, we are closely monitoring updates from the Ministry of Health and are adopting advisories from the joint Ministries MOH/MTI/MOM on our daily operations.

We would like to convey the following:

  1. Our drivers currently at work have not travelled or been in Mainland China within the past 14 days. Any returning drivers will be subjected to a declaration or travel history and comply to the Health Advisory for Persons placed on Leave of Absence dated 1st Feb by MOH.
  2. We also encourage drivers to monitor their well-being (body Temperature twice daily) and practice good personal hygiene. Avoid close contact with people who are unwell and consult a doctor promptly if unwell. Per MOH guidelines, they should put on a mask only if they are unwell, though, we encourage drivers to do so if they ferry large groups of travelers.
  3. As much as our resources would allow, we have instructed drivers to carry along face masks, disinfectants and perform onboard ventilation of vehicles (for buses with built in ventilation features) after or before each transfer of passengers.

Passengers should also observe good personal hygiene and are strongly encouraged to avoid close contact with people who are unwell and showing symptoms of illness. If feeling unwell, please seek medical attention on your own and refrain from boarding bus.

We also urge passengers to practice socially responsible behavior by not leaving masks, tissues, expanded sanitizers, or any other used personal hygiene products on board buses.

We strive to keep both passengers and our drivers in the best possible environment while in transit.

At this time, we are keeping our cancellations and refunds policy for bookings closely in line with advisories provided by the relevant ministries.

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