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Are there seat belts and microphone on buses?

Yes, all buses have seatbelts installed. Microphone is available on selected buses only, ie, 23 seater or 45 seater buses. Do check with us prior to booking.

Can I add extra location on day of service?

Any extra location needs to be established during booking as added costs are involved. Should this need for extra location arise after booking is done, please inform us directly and we will see if it could be accommodated.

Can I book by phone or email?

You can make general enquiries via phone or email. However, subsequently, all bookings need to be made via our system online as booking process needs to be documented for both parties.

Can I cancel the service after I made a booking?

Cancellations are allowed up to 72 hours before your service date. Do see our Terms & Conditions document presented along with the official quotation.

Can I get Corporate Rates?

Yes, if you are a regular customer or have a pre-existing contract with Bookabus.

Can I make changes after I accept the booking?

Certain changes are allowed up to 72 hours before your service date. Do see our Terms & Conditions document presented along with the official quotation before you accept / confirm your booking.

Can I make soft or tentative booking first?

No. What you can do is to create a job order and get yourself a quote first. If the quote expires before you have made a decision, you can have it re-instated at a later time whilst the job details are being stored avoiding any repetitive entries.

Can I pay after the service?

Our payment terms are pre-pay. You can only pay after the service if you have a long-term contract with Bookabus or if you are a regular customer on a pre-arranged payment scheme.

Do we need to tip the driver?

Tipping is generally not required by bus companies in Singapore. However, should the driver’s service level be exceptional, you are encouraged to do so. The tip amount is entirely at your discretion.

Do you have wheelchair enabled buses?

No, regrettably we do not have dedicated wheelchair facilities on our buses.

How can I get a quote or price quickly?

You can do so by entering the job details through the request for quote fields on our website. There is a “how it works” video that illustrates the process.

Is food and drinks allowed on bus?

No food and drinks is not allowed on bus. We seek your cooperation and understanding on this.

Is it okay to display signage or decals on bus?

Displaying of any signage is highly dependent on artwork / dimensions / materials used. Please see our Terms & Conditions document presented along with the official quotation. Simple A4 sized signage displaying company logo is generally fine.

Is there GST and any other hidden costs?

There is no GST Chargeable. Once a job order / quotation is generated, we will also present a Terms & Conditions document that covers any potential added costs.

What is the maximum boarding period allowed?

Our standard grace boarding / waiting period is 15 minutes from stipulated pick-up time. Delay charges applies thereafter. Please see our Terms & Conditions document regarding Grace period and Delays.

What to do if I left something on the bus?

You should contact the driver as soon as you can. If the driver is unable to take your call, please contact office. If an item is recovered, we will arrange for its return at a convenient time where the said driver could accommodate.

When will I received the bus details?

We typically send the bus details via sms 1 day prior to your service date or when our roster for the said service date is ready. Whichever comes first.

Why do I need Luggage van for Airport transfers?

You will require Luggage van if you have a large group above 25 pax or more. This is so as buses like 45 seater bus have limited storage compartment, good for approximately 25 luggage depending on size and type of luggage. (This is akin to a regular sedan car that seats 5pax but does not necessarily equate to 5pax and 5 luggage.)

Why is it I cannot sign in?

More often than not, users copy and paste their system generated password with an extra space or symbol by mistake. Please check your password or type manually. Other times, a cache problem may exist on the user’s chosen browser. Please clear cache or restart your browser.

Why is my service changed to Time-Based when I requested Trip-Based?

This is likely so because you have entered more than 4 separate locations. Our company practice is committing bookings to Time Based service should you have multiple locations (4 or more).

Are the Driver’s hired by Bookabus?

No. However, most of our collaborating vendors and bus companies allow their drivers to be vetted and where necessary, trained and managed by Bookabus.

Does Bookabus do sponsorship?

No. We do from time to time review such requests and provide discounted rates instead if the circumstances permit.

Does Bookabus own Buses?

No. Our collaborating vendors are the owner’s of the buses provided.

Does Bookabus provide insurance for passengers?

No, as we do not own the buses. However, all provider bus/es will have motor insurance policy in compliance with the requirements of the motor vehicles (third party risks and compensation) Act, chapter 189.

Where is your Office or Bus Park?

Our office is located at 100E Pasir Panjang Road, #04-01, S118521 as indicated on our website.


Can I create multiple account for my staffs?

Not for now. Every user has an individual account. We are looking to do multiple accounts under a Company account in future.

Is Bookabus owned by other bus company in Singapore?

No. Bookabus operates as its own entity not owned by any other bus company.

Is there a mobile application available?

Yes, we currently have Mobile app for both Apple IOS and Android available for download on Appstore and Google Play respectively.

How do I get Paid?

Payment is via bank transfer or cheque.

I am unable to fulfil the job, what can I do?

Please inform our Operations manager, so we can find alternate relief for you. Please note our Terms & Conditions document regarding vendor obligations to avoid any compensation or penalties.

I have a fleet of buses, can I join?

Yes, please contact us to discuss further

What are the requirements to join Bookabus?

You will require the appropriate licences, both drivers and vocational. Please contact us to schedule an interview.

When do I get Paid?

You will be paid after you have submitted your Invoice or Job Done reports. Payment date is on a pre-arranged date every month.