About Bookabus

Who we are

A private bus booking and solutions company collaborating with domestic bus providers to expand market opportunities while offering up more options for the end user. Collectively, we have at our disposal a pool of bus companies in Singapore committing a sizable fleet amounting to approximately 80 buses of various capacities ranging from 7 seaters to 59 seaters that are available to meet our customer’s diverse requirements.

How we do it

Through our web portal, we provide a quick and convenient process for our customers to get as informed as possible on their enquiries and to secure their booking.

Enquiry, price, payment, confirmation, contact points are all processed and documented within our step by step web portal. Whether on computer browser or mobile app, our process structure is designed in an interactive and less formal flow that allows for more information to pass 2-ways between user and our staff.

On the Back-end, we do the filtering and allocation from our pool of bus companies to best match the booking requirements of the user in terms of trip characteristics and price. We are constantly developing more efficient administrative and operational methodologies to aid our partners’ fleets while up keeping standards with periodic vehicle inspections, vetting of drivers, review of procedures and planning for contingencies.

We are constantly looking to value add to the customer experience as we believe every customer is unique to us and we contrive to tailor our services to their respective needs. Using our experience and technology where applicable, initiatives to cover pre and post service preparations are often launched by our staff to help eliminate the burden on our customers. This may include itinerary planning, real time tracking and monitoring of job execution and on-site improvisation where situation calls for it.

Who & Why we serve

Anyone who needs to book a bus, from the individual consumer to corporate entities, government agencies, schools, tourists etc. Anyone who wishes to drive for Bookabus.

We seek to establish an enduring relationship with our partners and customers that is both desirable and enjoyable, reflecting a journey taken together. A journey where we can heighten the customer’s user experience and satisfaction while at the same time aiding in improving our partner’s productivity as well as profitability.