Amid COVID-19 Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency for your transport operations

Ridership Management System (RMS) for employee bus transport

In a brief, our RMS solution allows your staff to make a booking for a seat via our RMS App whenever they are on shift and the Bus Operator will collate all the bookings and assign the buses, drivers, routes, and push to the individual Driver’s App. The staff will then receive via their app a QR code to be scanned at point of boarding for ridership / documentation purposes.

We could provide this RMS solution as a standalone, meaning to be used together with your existing or chosen bus operator or we could provide it as part of our Holistic bus service (where we provide the buses and management of the service as well).

Contact us for a demo to share with your company, how we think our RMS solution could aid in reducing wastage, improving operational efficiencies to help reduce costs and provide better traceability and accountability, pertaining to your staff transport operations.

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