Transport Tech Solutions

Besides providing bus charter services like regular bus companies in Singapore, Bookabus has a series of transport management suites providing smart solutions for our contract clients seeking productivity gains and cost savings.


Ridership Management System (RMS) for employee bus transport

In a brief, our RMS solution allows your staff to make a booking for a seat via our RMS App whenever they are on shift and the Bus Operator will collate all the bookings and assign the buses, drivers, routes, and push to the individual Driver’s App. The staff will then receive via their app a QR code to be scanned at point of boarding for ridership / documentation purposes.

We could provide this RMS solution as a standalone, meaning to be used together with your existing or chosen bus operator or we could provide it as part of our Holistic bus service (where we provide the buses and management of the service as well).

Contact us for a demo to share with your company, how we think our RMS solution could aid in reducing wastage, improving operational efficiencies to help reduce costs and provide better traceability and accountability, pertaining to your staff transport operations.


Condo Management System (CMS) for estate management and residents

This system is an added solution on top of existing condo shuttle bus services. It is used mainly to track, regulate, analyse or bill. In tracking, real time monitoring of the shuttle bus is possible to both administrators as well residents via web or mobile applications. This ensures bus headway and schedules are monitored and reduces unnecessary arguments on upkeeping of schedules.

As shuttle buses are commonly run exclusively for the estate, rider eligibility as well as ridership numbers are regulated via the system with pre-loaded database of residents and tokens issued for boarding of buses in the form of NFC, QR code applications. This deters non eligible personnel from abusing the shuttle service as well as offering digitised records of movement and ridership figures.

In turn, this allows for management to analyse trends from the records to streamline the shuttle operations, making tweaks to meet lull and peak periods to optimize their schedules potentially leading to cost savings. For estates with co-sharing scheme, the system will come handy for billing purposes as it is highly adaptive to pay per month or even pay per use billing as all users and actual ridership are documented and easily accounted for by pulling out periodic reports.

Contact us for more information on how this solution can help your Condominium’s shuttle service.


School Ridership Management System

Delivering students to and from school in a safe and timely manner is a high responsibility job every bus operator must fulfil. Offering a structured transport process with the use of real time information provides a peace of mind to all involved especially the parents and guardians.

The system allows parents/guardians to book their child’s seat for their daily commute to school and ridership is taken at point of boarding and disembarking via NFC, QR code devices and applications that provide immediate notifications to the parents informing them of basic but important feeds like time stamp of their child’s boarding or real time bus location and route if they wish to follow the journey. Attendance reports can easily reviewed for all parties for contract tracing or billing purposes. This solution can be adopted and purchase by both Schools or Bus operators to run with their existing bus services. Our vendor has extensive experience and proven track record with a wide selection of schools, both local and international institutions.

For more information or if you would like to see a working demonstration , please contact us.


Bookabus Marketplace

To be integrated with our Bookabus Portal, the Marketplace as the name suggests offers a platform for both bus vendors and customers to transact and fulfil their own job requirements via job postings and price bidding within the portal. With a process flow that is transparent, it encourages vendors to be competitive with their pricing as well elevating their service levels to match customer expectations. Bus operators could also scale up their operations with shared administrative features and suites designed to improve their efficiencies on administrative and operations matters such as scheduling, invoicing, accounting and even business networking. On the other hand, our customers can expect a wider pool of bus selections to meet various capacities and scenarios at competitive pricing matched with peer-reviewed service quality with performance ratings as benchmark while keeping to a very simplistic booking process to save time and avoid repetitive work.

If you are a bus company in Singapore and would like to find out more or join us as a vendor, please contact us.